Samurai Project By:Colin Hunkin Period 2

Shogun, also known as the (military leader)took over. While shogun were in power, daimyo still hired samurai to help protect their land from attackers or intruders
The samurai’s armor is hand crafted w/iron and steel The weapon that they usually use is a katana. The katana is curved and is super sharp. The sword is curved so that when they pull out the sword, in one fluid motion they can give a nice clean cut to someone. The fighting styles they use was were sword and jujitsu.
Samurai were trained to fight. They could be hired by wealthy daimyo and protect their land from attackers. Bushido is the code of a warrior. If a samurai fails his duty he lives an honorable life by killing himself in ritual. That is so he does not live with him and his family in shame. Samurai also live by Buddhism. The art of peacefulness and zen.
Buddhism relieved a lot of stress of the samurai. They have to always be ready in case of something happening.
Women were still eligible to be a samurai. When their father or husband was gone because he is battling who is going to protect them. That is why women got to train and learn how to defend themselves. The role women played in the 12th century was different due to different influences. The role women played in the 17th century


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