Trinity College Men's rowing - classic

The time of year was an important aspect of the Trinity men's rowing project. Late winter and early spring are cold on the water.

The snow on the shoreline, the occasional ice flow, the gray skies and bare trees reveal nature itself as a force the crew teams must overcome to prepare for competition in warmer weather.

There is no greater test of dedication and determination than stepping into a rowing skiff that sits just a few inches above the water, in near freezing conditions, to do battle against the current of the river, the chop of the water, the wind and your team mates in a competing boat.

The Trinity men scrimmage with UMass on the Connecticut River.

From a photographic perspective I found black and white helped emphasize the cold, the winter angle of the sun, and the raw feel of confronting nature when most people would prefer to be indoors waiting for spring.

In many spots along the Connecticut River, a jungle of trees and wetland make it almost impossible to get from the river itself to dry land. The trees above are part of the bleak background scenery for early spring practice. They form an impenetrable wall between the water and the highway running parallel to the river.

Pre-season workouts take place on rowing machines before the ice clears on the river.

Fierce rowing stirs up and splashes the team with river water that is just above the freezing point.

(Above: Coach Kevin MacDermott. It is never too early in the season to improve technique).

The cold of February on the river can not be ignored, but at full speed it can be momentarily forgotten.

Rowing is an elegant sport that requires a subtle application of force. When executed with skill, precise oar strokes create graceful movement. The boats are no longer on the river, but part of it.

Near sunset, the late afternoon light rakes across the river.

(Below: On the Charles River, Boston).

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© Dean Pagani 2019


© Dean Pagani 2019

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