Scotland Jack

There is a McDonalds on Skye Isle.

Skye Isle is on a island

French warships attacked John Knox.

Did you know that a Scottish kilt can be worth up to $2000 dollars. Scotland is a beautiful place with green hills and lots of land. People would come here to see Skye Isle, to celebrate St. Andrews day and to learn about famous people who live there like John Knox.

Saltire is another name for St Andrews Day
Skye Isle a great place to go with your family

The Skye Isle is one of the most amazing places in the world. It is on an island off the coast of Scotland the scenery is amazing with brightly colored houses, breathtaking views and lots other unique things. Skye Isle is full of unforgettable moments. One amazing is go see a castle that Queen Elizabeth actually lived in! It is called Dunvegan castle.Skye Isle is a place of extremes. With very high sea cliffs and large headlands, beside white coral beaches black sandy shores.Also another interesting fact is there a college on Skye Isle after a long day you can go to McDonalds on the island. Skye Isle is a great vacation spot in Scotland.

John Knox

John Knox is a very interesting person. No one knows when or where his birth was. He died November 24, 1572. He also had a very long beard.John Knox was a slave for 19 months and in those 19 months all of his experiences permanently injured his health.John Knox went from place to place. In May 1556 he got married to Marjorie Bowes. John Knox also was the priest of a lot of churches. He was the Minister of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Marjorie Bowes died and John Knox was 50. Then he married someone who was 17 and connected to a royal family.John Knox is a very interesting person.

Saint Andrews died on a X shaped cross just like Jesus.

Saint Andrews Day is a holiday that not just Scotland celebrates, Ireland Romania, and Russia do to. This is Scotlands newest holiday , it is on December 1 and if it is on a weekend it gets moved to Monday. Saint Andrews day is celebrated by music, Dancing and traditional foods such as scottish broth and whiskey. Glasgow has a big party. They celebrate Saint Andrews day because just like Jesus ST Andrews died on a X shaped cross. St Andrews day is so important that they have a week of celebration in Edinburgh . St Andrews day is a very interesting holiday.


Now that you know about Scotland would you want to go there with your family? Scotland is a interesting place with beautiful landscapes and gorges scenery. If I were you I would go here with your family and learn more about John Knox, visit Skye Isle and celebrate Saint Andrews day.


Skye Isle

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By Jack Hinton


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