Portfolio Valerie Brunt

X-Men Comic

In this photoshopped image that I created I used a splash of colors to make the cartoon come alive. My artistic decision was to make the characters more bright and zestful and then to make the background and lettering fade and not have that much importance. I wanted the observers eye zoom in on Dark Phoenix and the other cartoon characters.

Surrealism: Walking on water

The concept of surrealism inspired me to create this art piece. I tried to make it as dreamlike as possible. For example the two people are walking on water while there is fish flying in the sky above them.


I created this piece inspired by the American Flag. I tried to incorporate the colors of the US flag on the image.


This is my favorite cartoon Image that I made. I used adobe illustrator in order to make this cartoon image. I tried to make it as authentic as the original cartoon was.

Haunted House

This is a scary haunted house that I created. This was the first project that taught me how to make fog on photoshop and influence the colors in the background. I like this image because the yellow streak at the window of the house makes it seem like there is a paranormal activity making the image 10 times more alarming.

Crab Art

This is one of my favorite photoshopped pictures that I made. In this image I liked that the background of the Krusty Krab was animated while I added an actual crab on the image to make it more light hearted and fun.


This was one of the first photoshopped images that I created. I wanted this image to appear scary and a battle between the giraffe and the bear. I wanted those to mammals to appear like sea creatures because of the background of the image.

Kanye West

In this Digital painting that I created I wanted the art piece to be more textured rather than to be clear. I wanted it to resemble more of a painting rather than what it originally was, a digital photo.


Created with images by i_yudai - "ASAHI PENTAX SPOTMATIC SP"

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