Superintendent's Notes February 26, 2021

Congratulations to Mr. Dustin Morrow, our 2020-21 Teacher of the Year. We know your colleagues are PROUD of you! It's always an honor to celebrate with our Site Teachers of the Year, our Top Finalists, and of course introduce the teacher who will represent Sand Springs Public Schools in the state competition for State Teacher of the Year! In case you missed it, you can watch the reception on the Sandite Learning YouTube Channel!

Mr. Morrow is pictured here with Mr. Tim Ray and Mr. Ryan Bivin, our two assistant principals at CPHS!
This is an extremely talented crew of educators who were celebrated at the Teacher of the Year reception!

The snow and the lengthy period of extremely cold temperatures unfortunately brought extensive damage to a few of our school sites. Pictured below are Angus Valley Elementary, Administration Building, old Central Ninth Grade Center, and Early Childhood Education Center. Memorial Stadium and Julia Martin Administration Building also endured some broken water pipes. The students and teachers at Angus Valley Elementary and Early Childhood Education Center were forced to continue distance learning this week due to the drying and clean up necessary at those sites. Life this week at the Administration Offices has been quite a challenge. BUT, our Sandite team is strong and everyone has reacted like champions, doing what it takes to keep things going AND, with a positive attitude. BIG THANK YOU to all who have been affected by the current series of events. Your incredible character is glaringly obvious! BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Mike Bynum for the stamina you have illustrated through all of the crazy events. You are a rock star!

I'm convinced Ms. Morgan Douglas and Ms. Angela Noel will have stories to tell for a long time based on their experiences this week!

Our COVID Vaccine Clinic is scheduled for Friday, March 5. at CPHS. If you completed our survey yesterday, you will receive a link to a portal for Sand Springs Public Schools employees who indicated they would want a vaccine on site. This will come with some instructions as well. Be looking for an email from me with this important information.

It sure was great to see staff and students back at school this week! The students at Northwoods sure were ready to be back!

Distance Learning has been at its finest all week long in the homes of our Angus Valley students! Parents and students were hard at work partnering with our teachers. From one of our parents, and I quote, "This girl was focused, engaged, and participating while learning new material! School may look different, but make no mistake - teachers are teaching and kids are learning!" What a testament to our determination to make it all work!

These students are all set up for success! Double the fun, double the devices!

Below is Ms. Dotson's class from Northwoods Fine Arts Academy. Thank you Ms. Dotson for this picture and this quote, "My class! Let me tell you something about these kids today! “These kids” are missing out on school days and learning. “These kids” are resilient and adaptable. They are strong and ingenious. They take what is thrown at them and make the best of it! They have weathered a pandemic and are now weathering the weather! They come to school ready to learn and happy to be there. They do what is being asked of them and more! They came to me behind yet full of life. And now they are behaving better, reading better, writing 5 paragraph essays, solving multi-step word problems, creating jam boards, making google docs, google slides, and more! These kids are my kids and they are amazing! This year we’ve been through quarantines, had class parties postponed, had tragedy hit their personal lives, had tearful community circles, and had Mrs. Dotson’s thumb on them. How they have grown so much! We will come back from this and keep moving forward. They are going to make amazing adults!" I would agree, amazing adults indeed! Get ready world!

I couldn't help myself. AND, I'm not even sure who to give the photo credit to. This is classic Randy Evans from CPHS!

Celebrate the EXCELLENCE! We have so much of it in our District! Now go have an incredible weekend! ~Sherry