Rhythm and Resistance by: Aniyah Robinson

Resistance is the refusal to comply with something or to attempt to prevent it. Resistance is important because it creates a more realistic theme.Resistance is demonstrated in everyday life by people proving wrong stereotypes. Ways we resist is doing things that we are labeled not to typically do for example the way we wear our hair, dress, and the way we talk. I hope that in my poems you as well as other reader become more open minded to what is currently going on around you and in society in general. In my poem “My Crown & Glory” I talk about what I've experienced through life with having such uncontrollable hair. Growing up with thick hair it was always a struggle with either not sitting still because I was so tender headed, or not being able to have a certain hairstyle because of the texture, and just feeling so fed up to the point I wanted to cut it. In my poem when I say “ This hair can't be tamed. It doesn't like to be tied up. This hair has never been controlled.” That shows me going against every time I was ever told to put my hair up or to move because my hair was in the way. In this particular poem I wanted to not only show how I overcame my stereotype but to also show anyone who is dealing with

similar issues that it's ok to have big hair and embrace the true you.

My Crown & Glory

By: Aniyah Robinson

This hair is unpredictable

It needs a normal temperature

to stay calm. It doesn’t fit into small hats.

This hair can’t be tamed.

It doesn’t like to be tied up.

This hair has never been controlled,

it does what it wants to do

it goes where it wants to go.

It is flexible like my schedule.

Filled with small elastics.

I have known it to break my fall and

Protect me from people in disguise.

Can’t You See There’s A Me

We’re two adults

I’m a child

We don’t see eye to eye

They never see eye to eye

We can’t stand to be around each other

I can’t stand to be around them

We always fight

I’m always in the battlefield

She’s coming with me no she’s coming with me

Why don’t they ask me

It’s her fault no it’s his fault

Well who’s to blame

We’re not meant to be

Was I a mistake

Pollution in our house

All because you two chose the wrong reality

We’re tired of arguing

What about me

Black Burden

You’ve stopped me for way too long

It’s now time i move along

I can’t allow you to control my life

And make me go against what i know

Isn’t right

The closer i get you move the finish line

Why do you try your hardest

To break me down inside

It stops here from now on no more tears

You have no idea what i go through

Here let me give you a clue

You treat me like the flu

Like a deadly disease that if you respect me

You’ll catch me

All i ever did was be black


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