...a few of my favorite tech things... Tech Tools for ELA

Feeling overwhelmed by all the new tech tools? Too many tools, not enough time? You are not alone!

I LOVE learning about new ed tech tools! However, I know from first hand experience it can be VERY overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like you need to hop on board the trend train and try every new tool someone gives you. Unfortunately, this can be a disservice to students and the intention of ed technology.

My advice: Pick 2-3 tech tools to master in a set amount of time. Figure out what the purpose of the tool is, how you will use it, and what you will need to teach in order for students to use it successfully. Don't be a afraid to fail. Just make sure that when you fail, it becomes a learning opportunity for you and your students.

ELA Tech Tool Sampler:

Good Luck!

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