Elon Tennis Hawaii Global Experience Day One


When I first heard that our men’s and women’s tennis teams were going to Hawaii, I couldn’t believe it. It finally became a reality when we departed the parking lot of East Gym at 3:45 a.m. on Saturday morning for our first flight to from Charlotte to Phoenix. The flight took about four hours and I couldn’t sit still in the last row of the plane, so I anxiously roamed up and down the aisle for about an hour, chatting up my teammates. We landed in Phoenix to a great welcome from American Airlines, who announced “We would like to wish the Elon University Men’s and Women’s Tennis teams the best of luck against the University of Hawaii” to cheers from other passengers. After a bite to eat during our quick layover in Phoenix, it was time to board for our final destination: Honolulu, Hawaii.

After a grueling seven hour flight, we finally make it to Hawaii, picked up our bags, and were off to paradise. We dropped our bags off in the hotel, changed into our bathing suits and could not wait to hit the beach. We got to spend about two hours swimming in the warm waters and relaxing in the sand which was much needed after such a long time traveling. We found out we weren’t the only athletic team here for spring break either: we saw a beach volleyball match between #1 USC vs. #5 Hawaii and many other volleyball teams roaming the city like us. Just being able to get a feel of the island and spend some time on the beach was a blast.

After our down time, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up from a long day of travel and sun and then headed to the Duke Kahanamoku Statue that we have been talking about in our class all semester. Seeing it in person and discussing it with our professor was a really cool experience.

Once we got some pictures in front of the statue, we kept walking on the main street and went straight to a beautiful restaurant right on the beach named after Duke himself and wow, the view was spectacular. We sat together for a great meal took some more beautiful pictures and that wrapped up our first day in Hawaii.

As of now, we’re headed to sleep pretty early as we train at 8 a.m., which would be 2 p.m. at Elon. We’re hoping the jet lag wears off by tomorrow as we start to prepare for our match against the University of Hawaii on Wednesday. Day one was a blast and I can’t wait to see what day two has in store for us.

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Neal Port - Elon Men's Tennis

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