Daysha's Unique Sweets Ladaysha Umble

1. i love maccoroni & cheese

i was an monkey because i love to laugh a, and entertain peolpe sometimes

To become a Pediatrician .
Superwoman was the best , just because she was a woman but did alot of things like a man.
i like her because she speaks about girls and their self confidence,and she also tells them dont worry about what anybody say about you, dont have to change nothing just be yourself
I think it would be about the things that I have struggled in and what type of person Iam and what makes me happy. The person that i would want to play me is Taraji P Henson

I would love to visit Paris, because i want to see the Eiffel Tower at night. I would love to go shopping to

I would be vanilla because , im sweet and creamy .
I love Michey Mouse because that was the fist cartoon show i watched and fell in love since with him.

Iam a night person, i will sleep all morning but at night Iam awake and ready to party the night away

i love to cook , when im bored, especially sweets , i have a bad sweet tooth

My pet peeves are peolpe who like to touch you , dont touch me if i didnt tell you to. I hate it when people be smacking on something , like just spite it out . Something intersting about me is I laugh at anything.

caviar was weidest thing I have ever ate because , it was like little balls were rolling around in your mouth, them its just nasty.

My favorite thing about my dad is , he can turn a bad situation into a good, funny thing, he love to pick at people but, he just be playing sometimes.

I dont have any habits really or uniques things about me.

If someone made a movie about me it would be drama and comedy in my movie, because im very funny and sometimes Iam very messy or petty.

I would love to be Demi Lavoto because she speaks about her situtations to help younder girls not go through them like she did.


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