Whitefield Academy College Counseling Newsletter April 2021

Upcoming Dates

Got Summer Plans?

Students can often find themselves with a little more free time over the summer. If this is the case for your student, we encourage them to find a way to use that free time to explore things they are passionate about. Check out some of the ways students can make use of their extra time and energy

  • Explore the field of Architecture at the University of Southern California or Biosciences at Wake Forest University.
  • Job shadow a family member or neighbor
  • Learn or develop a hobby such as knitting, woodworking, or coding.
  • Look for a summer job or internship to earn some spending money or to gain experience in a career or academic area of interest.
  • Learn to play an instrument.
  • Participate in an athletic camp to hone their athletic skills.
  • Volunteer their time with an organization that holds significance for them such as a church, a community organization, or a summer camp.

Student involvement in summer activities can help them explore areas and interests that they don't have time to develop during the school year. Talk with your student now to see what they want to do over the summer and help them make plans.

Class of 2021

Senior Updates

Now What?

By now, your student has heard from most if not all of their colleges regrading admission for next year. Some of your students have even made their decision on where they will attend college! As you look at the next steps involved with enrolling in college, be sure to let us know if you need help with financial aid, orientation, housing, etc.

If your student has already made a decision about where they will attend college, be sure they have notified all other schools that admitted them of their decision. Many colleges have a waitlist full of students hoping for a place in the freshmen class. If your student won't be filling one of those spaces, it is helpful to let the college know. This can be a simple email from your student to the admissions office thanking them for the offer of admission and letting them know they have chosen to attend another institution. Mrs. Toliver is available to help students work through this communication if needed.

If your student is one of those students on a waitlist at their top choice college, let us know so we can work with your student through their next steps. We want to be sure your student is set up for success no matter where God may lead them after their time at Whitefield.

Hope and Zell Miller Scholarship Information

The preliminary HOPE transcript upload has been completed and includes grades through first semester of this year. If you log in to your gafutures.org student account (and we have your student’s SSN) you will be able to see your student's “HOPE” GPA. We’ve had a few questions about how to gain access to your student’s HOPE funds. Please refer to this link for more information: https://www.gafutures.org/hope-state-aid-programs/hope-zell-miller-scholarships/hope-scholarship/application-procedure-and-deadline/

To qualify for the Zell Miller program, you will need to upload your student's SAT or ACT score. We cannot do this for you. More information on this process can be found here: https://www.gafutures.org/hope-state-aid-programs/hope-zell-miller-scholarships/zell-miller-scholarship/

Jennifer Peterson, in the College Counseling office, is happy to answer any questions you may have, but the Ga Futures website is a great resource and has all of the information you may need. Use the GA Futures website as your first resource and let us know where we can help.

College Decision and Scholarship Reminder

Seniors have been given a form from Mrs. Peterson that includes information we need updated regarding their acceptances and scholarship offers. We need that form completed and turned in to our office by April 9th. If your student has not made their final college decision by that date, please have them complete as much of that form as possible. They can update us on their college decision at a later date once they have made their choice.

Class of 2022

Junior Updates

Senior Seminar

Seniors will join the College Counseling staff on campus at the end of the summer for their Senior Seminar. This 3 hour seminar will walk students through their college application experience and review important information and details for their senior year. Participation is mandatory and there are seven sessions to choose from:

  • July 29th 9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00
  • July 30th 9:00-12:00
  • August 2nd 9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00
  • August 3rd 1:00-4:00
  • August 4th 1:00-4:00

Use this link to sign up your student for the senior seminar that works best with their other summer commitments. Band Parents/Students: Mrs. Quiros has let us know band camp will occur in the mornings. Please sign up for an afternoon offering of Senior Seminar so your student is able to fully participate in both.

College Essay Camp

Whitefield Academy will be offering a College Essay Camp this summer for rising seniors. This is a wonderful opportunity for your student to get a jump start, and possibly finish, their college application essays. More information, including dates and registration, can be found here.

College Counseling Video Series

We have started posting our College Counseling Resource Videos on Schoology! These short videos are about topics related to your student's college search experience and you'll be able to watch and re-watch at a time that works well with your schedule! Check out the resources section of the College Counseling Resources - Parents Group on Schoology to see these videos!

Next Steps in the College Search

As we were all able to discuss during Academic Coaching, the next time Mrs. Toliver will reach out to your student to set up a time to meet is the start of senior year. However, at any point over the next year that you and your student have questions or would like to discuss college applications, do not hesitate to reach out! You can get in touch with Mrs. Toliver via email to set up a time to speak over the phone or meet via zoom, btoliver@whitefieldacademy.com.

Class of 2023

Sophomore Updates

Parent Resources - Schoology

We hope you have been able to explore the College Counseling Parent Schoology group! Within this Schoology group, you will find information about the college application process, financial aid and scholarships, applying to college as a student athlete, and much more. If you're ever looking for more information, don't hesitate to reach out.

College Counseling Video Series

We have started posting our College Counseling Resource Videos on Schoology! These short videos are about topics related to your student's college search experience and you'll be able to watch and re-watch at a time that works well with your schedule! Check out the resources section of the College Counseling Resources - Parents Group on Schoology to see these videos!

Further Exploration

Exploring Colleges

This past year has had it's challenges including limited opportunities to visit college campuses. However, a lot can be learned through a virtual campus visit or information session as well as Virtual College Fairs.

Here are some tips on making the most of virtual campus visits and information sessions.

  • Be open minded - Consider virtually visiting schools that you wouldn't have been able to visit in person, even in a "normal" year.
  • Do your research - Visit the college website and see if they have the programs your student is interested in. Make sure the school meets any criteria you and your student have for a school such as campus size or location.
  • Experience each school together - Some virtual programs are designed just for the student or parent but many are for both. Plan your "visits" together so you all have the same information and can debrief after a session

Virtual College Fairs are a great way to get a small amount of information about lots of different schools - in the same way you would as you wandered around a in-person college fair! Sign up for an upcoming Virtual College Fair here.

In Person Campus Visits

Though not all colleges are welcoming guests on campus, some schools are offering campus tours or other weekend programming on campus. Here is a list of some colleges offering in person visits within a few hours drive of the Atlanta area:

  • Anderson Univeristy
  • Auburn University
  • Belmont University
  • Berry College
  • Brenau University
  • Coastal Carolina University
  • College of Charleston
  • Columbus State University
  • Georgia College and State University
  • Georgia Southern University
  • Lipscomb University
  • Mercer University
  • Oglethorpe University
  • Reinhardt University
  • Samford University
  • Savannah State University
  • Sewanee, The University of the South
  • Toccoa Falls College
  • Tuskegee University
  • University of Alabama
  • University of North Georgia
  • University of South Carolina
  • University of Tennessee
  • University of Tennessee Chattanooga
  • Valdosta State Univeristy

Contact Us

If you have questions, be sure to reach out to one of us!

Mrs. Langella - jlangella@whitefieldacademy.com

Mrs. Peterson - jpeterson@whitefieldacademy.com

Mrs. Toliver - btoliver@whitefieldacademy.com

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