Civics final project by: Farrah enright

Are you a good canadian?

I believe that I am a good Canadian. Being Canadian is more than living in igloos, having moose as pets, pronouncing, about "a boot" or even saying "eh" after every sentence. In fact, being Canadian is not about that at all. It is more than waving the Canadian flag around.

I am a good Canadian because I am proud, I volunteer, I love my community and enjoy talking and helping out other people. More than 45% of Canadians volunteer every year, that's about every 4 out of 10 people, this is from ages 15 up. That is almost half. I believe Canada is an amazing place and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

I'm an open and accepting person to all cultures and as Canada is a very diverse country with many cultures, this is a very good trait to have. I believe that I am a good Canadian, and a proud one too.
Parliament buildings

I am Canadian!

Is Canada a country you can be proud of?

Canada is definitely a country that I can be proud of. Canada is known for its friendliness, it's peace, free health care, our lakes, our long, cold winters, and of course our delicious maple syrup! We all have so much to be proud of. About 36 million people live here, in Canada. And as I already said, it's a friendly, peaceful country and all 36 million of us are very lucky to live in such an amazing place.

Kindness and Acceptance

Maybe we take things for granted, as places like Syria are under attack right now, and 3rd world countries can hardly keep up with the economy. However Canada is helping people in 3rd world countries and letting in refugees and immigrants in our country. I am also very proud to be a Canadian and be born and raised in Canada because of our freedom, equal rights, and the right to vote.

Our land

Our land is amazing, and so beautiful and it is truly another reason I am proud to be Canadian


Our county is a very multicultural place. As I said above, Canada let's in many refugees and immagrants, therefore, my surroundings are filled with many different culture and practices.
In 1971, Canada was the first country to adopt multiculturalism as a policy. I am a proud Canadian and Canada is definitely a country that all 36 million of us should be proud to live here.


I am very proud of the sports that are played and the people that brings it all together!
I am a very proud Canadian and Canada is a country that we all can be proud of


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