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Hello there individuals through this screen, my name is Chelsea Rose Esquivel. I know, that was very formal, I apologize. Never mind, I don't regret it so I revoke that apology. Anyway, I have been meaning to start a blog for years now but since life has dealt me some crappy cards, I have not been able to. So since I couldn't sleep (insomnia is a blessing and a curse) I decided that I would start today. Go me! I live a complicated life with complicated people in a complicated town. Complicated, right? I have two brothers that I have been raising since the age of twelve due to my parents being victims of addiction. I have been through hell and back which is ironic because apparently i developed the devils sense of humor. I live in a family full of christians, that is not a compliment in their eyes. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and pineapple on my pizza (don't fight me on this). I am a terrible person when it comes down to relationships but I am alright at parenting. I have a fat dog who I am attempting to help lose weight (ironic considering I can't even do that) and a large dog, horse type thing who likes to kick me out of bed every night. I am basically an adult in a teenagers body with a devil's humor and a laptop. Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy your stay, it was nice to meet you!

First picture: Jayden, Jacob, and I after a small altercation with the flour Second picture: Me using my brother as an opportunity to look cute
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