Sacagawea an amazing woman who played a big rolE in history

Sacagawea: A Special Woman

  • A mom to Popey
  • A wife to Charbonneau
  • A member of the Corps of Discovery
  • A guide in the mountains and around the Shoshone tribes
  • A translator when they came across the Shoshone people
  • A hero to the Corps of Discovery and every one depending on them

A short sumMAry of her life

A Wife & Mother

Sacagawea was sold to charbonneau as his wife . she became a mother at age 16 she caried her son, jean baptiste chabonnea also known as pompey on her whole journey across america.

sacagawea was a guide in the mountains and by the shoshone. She also translated whenever the corps of discovery came across the soshone people

Sacagawea is a hero to the Corps of Discovery and everyone depending on them in many ways. One of the most important things she did was that she translated so they could get horses so they could travel over the mountains. Another reason she is a hero is that Sacagawea eased meetings with Shoshone becase she's a woman. She also saved all of Lewis and Clark's furs, maps and journals when their boat was capsized. Without her we would have no record of what hapend on the expedition.

"A woman with aparty of men is a token of peace." - Meriwether Lewis

Fun Facts

  • Shoshoe considered coyotes and dog close relatives
  • Corps of Discovery met 50 different indian tribes
  • Sacagawae was paid nothing for going on the expedition
  • Clark nicknamed Sacagawae "Janey"
  • The Chief of the Shoshoe is her brother that she was seperated from when she was young
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