Little Big History of the Bow & Arrow By: Luke Giesemann


This webstory will be over the bow and arrow and the history of it and how it has changed since the beginning of time. I will also be telling you about how my project relates to the nine main thresholds of history we learned about. I think studying this topic is important to everyone because bow hunting really helped humans survive and advance in the way that they lived. I think it is important also because a lot of people hunt with bows now and some people want to learn about the origin of the bow and how it has developed.T

How has Goldilocks conditions, Increasing Complexity, and Collective Learning help the bow and arrow become created and evolve?

For the bow and arrow to be created, it has taken a lot of different concepts to help it advance. There are conditions, collective learning, and increasing complexity. The different conditions needed were humans had to be in a good learning environment and the area around them needed to be full of life. The first bow and arrows they used were made from wood and they used feathers and stones for the arrows so they needed those resources to be able to make them. Collective learning also really boosted this idea to come along especially with all the ideas that were shared. When the bow and arrow was created about 64,000 years ago, peoples tools were very limited. Then, from sharing ideas an using other tools they made this and when the bow and arrow was made it really helped human knowledge boost on how to make things and made getting food way easier. Increasing complexity also played a big role in this. Increasing complexity made it easier to make the bow and arrow because people were changing and getting smarter, making it easier to figure this out. Also, with never ending collective learning and increasing complexity, humans have created very high tech and accurate how and arrows.

Old Arrow

How this Connects to Anthropology

This connects to anthropology because it was created in different places. Anthropologists study human societies and culutures. The bow and arrow was first made in Africa so anthropologists study maybe thoughts that may have lead to this creation and also maybe the way people communicated. If Africa had good communication, it would be easier to share ideas throughout the society and that would lead to collective learning, which highly helped the bow and arrow get created. They might also study the way people acted and if that could have had anything to do with the creation on this.

Human growth overtime.

How this Connects to Archaeology

This connects to archaeology because there are a lot of ancient artifacts that have been left from people. Archaeology is the study of human history through the excavation of ancient artifacts. You can find arrowheads in just about every praire if you go looking for them. These are all from people who made them that just dropped them or left them there. Archaeologists would study these artifacts and look for signs of what they made the stones, arrows, and bows with and then ask themselves what made humans come up with the idea of the bow and arrow.

Excavated arrowheads.

Threshold 4

Threshold 4 introduced the first ingredients that were need to be able to make the bow and arrow. In threshold 4, the earth is formed and then rocks are formed from lava and then that forms into stone. Stone was really important in early bow and arrow making because they put stone arrowheads on the end of the arrow to kill the animal. The arrowheads were made very sharp other wise it wouldn't pierce the animals flesh. This threshold is important in the making but it is still the least important out of these four because you need life for the bow and arrow to need to be used and made.

Threshold 5

Threshold is arguably the most important threshold in my project. In this threshold 5 life first showed up on earth. With life meant trees, which were very important in the making of bows and arrows. All of the early bows were made of wood and so were the arrows. Arrow had feather fletching most likely from birds. Life also brought oxygen and and primates. From primates humans evolved and they were able to make tools because of the constant ability to obtain information. Life also brought animals for humans to eat and to hunt so they could survive. If it wasn't for early life on earth, humans may have never been made and the the bow and arrow would have never been made. Life brought all the ingredients to make the bow and arrow but one, and that's collective learning.

Threshold 6

Theshold 6 is the other most arguably most important threshold, and of course that is collective learning. Collective learning was not only important to the creation of the bow and arrow but every idea that any human has every came up with. Collective learning is the learning and sharing of ideas throughout a society. This was a huge role for the bow and arrow because not one person thought of the bow and arrow. Every tool, including the bow and arrow, was most likely the creation of ideas from many people mixed together to make the most convenient and best working thing there is. If it wasn't for humans ability to learn and absorb most things they hear or see, and the ability to spread that, people probably wouldn't have thought of the bow and arrow. Also collective learing has helped the bow and arrow become more accurate and be more high tech so it easier to shoot and has more power to kill stuff easier.

Threshold 8

Threshold 8 is all about the modern revolution. The modern revolution has helped the bow and arrow gain many tools. The are a lot of things that you can put on a bow to make it more accurate and shoot more stable. This stuff is made because we have more technology and more ideas being shared everyday, especially with the amount of the people in the world now. The bow and arrow has became so much more advanced in 64,000 years it is hard to believe. It went from wood and stone to bows of aluminum and carbon fibre and arrows made of carbon fibre, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood shafts with rubber fletchings.



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