Anastasia's Adventure By:Annessa m.

I began my journey in a river I was really happy, but one day out of the blue my dad told me that we had to move to the lake ."I really don't want to go. I like it here!" I said to my dad. "We have to go, our house is old and weak." "Fine!" I said while I walked away sadly. I went to my you could hear my tears hitting the floor "Splish Splash."

Surprisingly a couple weeks later we accumulated into the lake it wasn't that bad but I just wanted to go home. All the other kids were playing and having fun while I was in the corner thinking about home. Thinking about home was like passing a homeless man on the street. It is really sad.

We then infiltrated down to groundwater. I got the hang of the whole moving thing. I made some friends and it was a lot of fun. "Do you want to play?" I said to a group of friends. They thought and finally said "Yes!".

My dad told me we were accumulating back to river. I was happy but now I know that I can be wherever and be happy.

After a couple of years of moving around my dad and I didn't really notice anymore. We go and visit the river sometimes. I've made friends all over, I never feel lonely.

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