Development Sam St. Andrews

This is me (not really) as a fertilized cell with cells that has become increasingly diverse, also known as a zygote.
This is the point in my life at the 7 week period when eyes, fingers, toes, and internal organs are forming, but not functional.
At 9 weeks I have become a fetus. My heart is almost developed at 10 weeks and my teeth and gums are formed. I can feel pain and my vocal chords and brain are fully formed. I sleep 90% of the time, but I occasionally kick around 7 months. I am considered a fetus all the way up until birth, or 40 weeks.
This is me as a newborn with my new older brothers. I can see, hear, and recognize the voices around me.
Here's me with my dad as a toddler. I have motor skills and can walk, talk, and have conversations.
Here's me in my adolescent phase in my life. I'm 16 in this picture and I'm through with the puberty phase.
These are my senior pictures. At this point in my life I'm almost 18 and about to enter adulthood.
These are my grandparents in old age. They've enjoyed every aspect of their life, including raising 5 children and having 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. It's harder to recall information, but recognize all their family and familiar faces.

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