Village of Pulaski By; Ev Feutz

585 F Glenbrook Dr. Pulaski WI 54162


1. Building and land committee

2. Room tax commission

3. Fire dept. Board department

4. Economic development AD/HDD committee

5. Labor Negotiations

Issue with government. Building and Land committee. The issue is that they couldn't figure out how they can fix the problems with building and how lands should be figured out. Then they decided that every couple years they will do inspection and they will make sure that all services are all equally with there building problems.

How I would fix the problem: I would make everyone have a committee and figure and discuss the problem so it wouldn't be a big issue like it is now.


Read Wood Wold

Karen Ostrowski

Jodi Przyblski


Robert Uaninnen

Karen Osttowski

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