Gabriel's Goals English 2 | Period 3

Semester Goal

By the end of the semester, I will have grown in my grades and have goten cought up in my credits.

Ways To Achieve My Goal

  • Step 1. One way that could help me achieve this goal is studying and paying attention.
  • Step 2. Another way is not be shy and ask for help if I do not undertsand something.
  • step 3. Also turn in assignments on due date which will be complete also.

English Goal

My English Goal is to get on the path to success and stay there not be slacking like I have been.

Ways To Achieve My Goal

  • Step 1. I will keep up on my homework and also bell work.
  • Step 2. I will take notes when needed to help my self understand and also to remember to do the objective.
  • step 3. I will try not to be distracted easly and be rejecting all distractions as much as I can.

High School Goal

My High School goal is to graduate with exccelling grades and graduate on time and not a seconed year senior.

Ways To Achieve My Goal

  • Step 1. I wil study onthings i need to know and need help on.
  • Step 2. I will take tutors if needed and not be shy and reject it.
  • Step 3. I will take test over if not excelled to a standord of 75% or higher.

After High School Goal

My goal for after High school is to have already a small time job and head of to college.

Ways To Achieve My Goal

  • Step 1. I will apply for a job thats best fit for a guy my age and hopefully meet their standards to be able to work their.
  • Step 2. I will apply to ASU with a big tution.
  • Step 3. I will pay for my classes and try and major in art.

Personal growth Goal

My personal growth goal is to be more social and to get grades I can be proud of and not ashamed of.

Ways To Achieve My Goal

  • Step 1. I will talk to people about common likes and not just sit there of bordom.
  • Step 2. I will keep my life on track and not let no one tell me that I cant do something knowing I can just beileving I cant.
  • Step 3. I will excell with my skill in my classes and not be easly distracted by other people.


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