The Lion And The Mouse Reatold by Michelle

One day in the forest of Africa was a little mouse looking for worms to feed her babies when a owl came, she ran for cover in a tunnel until she looked out and saw the owl was gone. Afterward she continued her search until she felt the ground beneath her start to shake, it was a lion!

The lion grabbed her her but let her go, so she when off to her business. The lio when of to the forest but then the lion tripped over a trap, he screamed for help and the little mouse her this scream and wanted to help so she fall owed the scream and finally saw the poor lion stuck in a net. She chewed up the rope and the lion was free! The lion thanked the mouse and when back to his work and the mouse fed her little babies and taught them how to chew up ropes.

The End


Created with images by davidshort - "Wood mouse (BG)"

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