My Winter Break Video games... that's it

At the beginning of winter break I had all my friends come over for a few days. We had fun hanging out and playing video games together. All the time spent in between future events I'm going to list were spent playing the best game ever, Overwatch.

This is the game I played/ was addicted to and still am for 3 whole weeks

Christmas was pretty good. I got a lot of accesories for my laptop like a wireless mouse, a new mouse pad, And a bean bag thingy for my wrists to lay on. Then at 12:00 we drove up to see relatives in L.A. and I got SO MANY gift cards.

The line thing on the left is the wrist rest for my lap top

The next week on Thursday I went to the desert (Ocotillo Wells) with my friends Jake, and Raj. We stayed in Jake's families trailer till Saturday. We rode Quads and Razors around. It's always tradition for my family and my mom's friends to go to the desert for New Years. On New Year's day I rode the quad over to the camp were my mom and friends were staying. After that both groups (Jake's family and my Mom's friends) went for a ride to Shell Reef. Jake's family left and I went back to my camp. We stayed till Monday then left. Like usual, we stopped in Santa Ysabel for breakfast.

That is the jist of my vacation. the week after new years I did nothing but play Overwatch. It was fun, for me, although I wasted a lot of that week. Oh well.

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