Florida Museum of Natural History and the Good Life Aaron Tiktin

This exhibit of the gaping mouth of an extinct sea creature is especially appealing to me. The span of the mouth of this beast is larger than I am. It is hard to imagine that such a creature ever existed and puts into perspective how small I really am. What I found so enjoyable about the museum is how it takes me to another place than the world I am used to seeing.

This exhibit portrays Native Americans performing a ritual. Through studying the different exhibits of Native Americans I understand how differently they lived from me. Native Americans were much more in tune with nature and lived in harmony with it. In comparison, we conquered the land that the Native Americans were living on and destroyed a lot of nature by the roots. It made me feel sad to think that we were destroying such a beautiful thing.

I appreciated the butterfly exhibit most of all. I felt as if I was in another world where all material problems became trivial. I felt at peace with myself and with all the nature in the exhibit. Seeing the world in its natural state can help remind us that we don't need material things to find happiness because nature has given us everything we need to be happy.

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