KiNell Portfolio First semester 2016

The reason I picked art again this year is because art is very relaxing for me, and it is something i enjoy.

The piece of art that i am most proud of so far this year is my BEETHOVEN because it looks the best and it was my favorite to do .

I like how my projects have turned out so far so there really is not a project that I would redo.

The artistic behaviors that I showed the most and used the most I think are Creativity , and Observed. I say these two because as I needed to know how to do a project I would look it up and find out, and I tried to be very creative with my projects.

My goals for the second semester are too work on clay projects and do more

These are the projects that I have completed or that I am currently working on.

This is my first bowl i have thrown on the wheel this quarter. So far what we have noticed is that I really struggle centering my bowls.

This is my first "Pinch Pot". I built a octopus and so far the only thing that has gone wrong with him is that one of his arms broke while he was drying over the weekend.

This is my second bowl that I have thrown and it went better than the first one. I was able to get this one centered easier and it went a little smother than the first one. My other project that I have completed this quarter so far is I also painted a octopus.

I am really achieving my goals so far because i wanted to work with clay and get used to it and I am. I have found that i enjoy working with clay and hope to get to do more with it the rest of the school year.

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