8 Things To know About Snowboarding Dane Pearce

Patience Is Key

1: The first thing you need to know about snowboarding is that it is going to take time and patience. When you start, you have to go knowing your going to fall on your face a bunch, so its probably a good idea to wear a helmet. When you first go, go at your own speed so you can get comfortable in your gear and the mountain. The more comfortable you get, the more you'll be willing to try faster speeds and trying turns.

Stay Fit

2: Knowboarding is sport you have to stay fit in so that you can perform to the best of your abilities. First, it is important to have a strong core so that when you go off of jumps, you can turn and land the way you need to land. Your legs should be strong because it will allow you to land your jumps without your legs giving out. Also, if you want to snowboard for a long time your legs need to be able to last.

Have Proper Equiptment

3: Having the prober equipment is a key part to snowboarding. Not having proper equipment can ultimately end up hurting you. Thing you need to have with you is your snowboard, bindings, warm boots, a helmet to prevent concussions or another head injuries, goggles to keep snow out of eyes, and layers to keep you warm.

Tips On Tricks

4: Tricks are fun to learn throughout snowboarding. The longer you board, the more you end up learning. Tricks you learn when you start are 360s, 180s, tail grabs which is when you grab the back of your board while your in the air, and the indy grab which is grabbing the middle of your board. These tricks are good starter tricks to get you used to moving while in the air so that you can do bigger tricks like flips in the feature.

Practice Off Season

5: You can make a lot of progress in a season but its important to things off season as much as you can so that you can keep your skills. Some things that I do to keep myself fresh is doing different balance exercises so that I can be balanced for the next season. Also, I strap myself yo the board and practice different trick and movements so that I can keep that muscle memory of landing and moving through the air.

Where To Go

6: There are many places to go especially in colorado. Some places I go are Copper mountain, Loveland, And keystone. These places all have great terrain and parks to board in. My favorite is Copper because they have a great park, it big, and it not as expensive as the other places. Snowboarding is an expensive sport and hobby, but you don't have to blow $200 to practice tricks to get good. Sometimes I practice on hills close to my house. Some benefits of thing this is its free not including gear, it gives you a good workout walking up the hill over and over, and you don't have to worry about people watching you eat it. Although you wont get a nice long ride, it is a lot cheaper.

Snowboarding With Friends Is Fun

7: Although snowboarding by yourself is a good time for improvement, it is really fun to go with your friends. When you go with friends, you are more motivated to try new things. Also, when you go with friends, you have more fun so you end up staying longer.

Possible Injuries

8: Snowboarding is a very fun sport and hobby, but it can be very dangerous. Many people a year get very bad injuries such as broken bones, concussions, and sprains. If you do get hurt it is important to rest up so that you don't risk further injuries. Remember to be careful and be patient.


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