SHARK Jessica lorraine Gutierrez

Out of all the species walking, flying, slithering or swimming, there aren't many who have been around as long, survived as well, or come in so many shapes and kinds as the shark. Growing up in a country surrounded by water I think it is appropriate to make an art piece about sea animals like Shark.


These are 25 Inspirations for this project, as you can see they're very diverse. I was deciding wether to stay with land or sea animals. These 25 animals are my favourites and that is why I decided to include them in my inspirations.


10 Thumbnails . 3 Best Ones . Comprehensive Drawing

Final Product

This is the outcome of my art piece. I do well believe that it could've been neat if I had a chance to be more flexible with the size and the length of the texts. Overall, I think size and font I chose went smoothly with the overall look.


If I would describe myself as a kind of fish, it would be a shark. They are very silent but, It is not something to mess with. Sharks loves to swim and so am I. Sharks have a very acute sense of smell that allows them to detect blood in the water from miles away. Sharks attack humans very infrequently with that said, sharks symbolize power and fearlessness. Humans cannot deny the fact that its one of the most feared and respected creatures on earth.

In terms of designs, it is very difficult to deal with types of font I should use and PG TEXT is what I ended up with. It went well with the overall look I wanted though, some park maybe a little bit off due to not being flexible with the letters I used.

One of the best part in my piece is how the textured outline came out. I love how it has “crooked” look to it which makes it more organic.

If I would to do this again, I would probably move it to the next level and have it in variety of fonts, colours and be more flexible with the curves.

This project helped me a lot with new techniques and broaden my knowledge in Adobe Illustrator.


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