Self-Defense at Liberty University BY: WHITNEY SMITH


Abuse can be hidden and oftentimes not seen by others if not aware of the situation. By taking a self-defense class, students can be aware of bad situations ahead of time and see questionable signs that they might not have recognized otherwise.

Danger is always going to be prevalent across the world no matter where one goes. Therefore, both men and women should be self-aware of dangerous attackers and situations ahead of time to prevent further danger.

Not only do students need to be aware of bad situations, but they need to learn how the attacker thinks, acts, and plans the setting of a crime scene.

Another key element that needs to be taught is effective self-defense skills. Students will have to learn in class how to effectively survive dangerous situation with knives, guns, and other assaults.

There are always going to be evil people in the world and victims who feel voiceless. By providing Liberty students with a self-defense class, it will help students feel more secure and established while living on campus. Dangerous people will always be present, so why shouldn't Liberty provide the cure of self-defense?

After learning the crucial skills of how to defend oneself, Liberty's campus will be more safe because students will know how to effectively protect themselves in the face of danger.

Protection is important and should not be taken lightly. By promoting a self-defense class at Liberty, the class will produce a safer and more self-aware campus making Liberty a better and safer place.


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