Marsalato Marmande Tomato

F1 hybrid

Source, William Dam Seeds

Excellent disease resistance

Semi determinate, support needed

Star of season 2020

This season proved more challenging. Last year, I allowed seedlings of the previous season, with no disease resistance, to grow and produce fruits. To correct my mistake, I spread woodchips, hoping to kill the pathogens in the soil, and it worked. Unfortunately, it also created a perfect environment for flea beetles, and depleted the soil of nitrogen.

Within a week of planting the tomatoes, the leaves gradually turned yellow.

I dug a trench in between the plants, filled it with compost, cutup borage and shredded leaves. Kept it moist.

Season 2021

Planted basil, melissa, oregano, and nasturtium at the base. Then I watched the plants recover slowly.

Created By
Joanne Mckinnon