The FDGHLH By the best student Rémy.

Welcome to the FDGHLH (François Dallaire Grenier Happy Life Home). A place were anything is possible only if you have a bit of imagination. What you will be watching in the next minutes is a description of one of the most advanced and beautiful house that has ever been created. Enjoy!

When you enter in a house, you get in by a certain portal, that's call a door. In the FDGHLH, that door is made of glass, thought glass that can resist any type of impact. I assure you, I tried once to break it and I was not able! This door hasn't just this one feature no! You can also interact with it and unlock it with a simple lick of your thong. Juste beware in winter to not stick to it. Here's an example of the durability, the resistance, the strength of our perfect glass door.

Moving on to the living room. An excessively personal and warm place that every one will like. With the body molding couch that gives you finally the confort that YOU want when you return from work. The television that read your mind. No more remote control, no more standing after finding a confortable position, no more hiding the otters when standing up for it. The tv reads your mind. Isn't it amazing! (The living room is sale separatly)
You want to eat a crack? Thirsty? An apple maybe? Well come in the major room of this house. The place where any thirst is cured and where the word hunger doesn't exist. The special features is this room are pretty simple but mostly effective. The only thing you have to do in this place is to sit down and to close your eyes. Think of your plate hard and it will appear. The systems are all automated. A little lenses read what's inside your brain and all the household appliances work in harmony to create what will fill your stomac. (Lense not include)


Step 1: Think of the "action" that you want to do.

Step 2: Stop moving

Step 3: Continue what you were doing.

As simple as that.

(Place of waste not decided yet.)

Hope you liked the FDGHLH. For more information, go to WWW. Visit the same site to buy an house. -Rémy Laverdière

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