EthanUnderwood The winter of red snow

The characters in the story are the Dad, Sally, Ben, Elizabeth, the mom, Mrs. Fitzgerald, Pierre, Mr. Washington Mrs. Washington, Mr. Fitzgerald,The messenger, the baby.

What happened in the story. The American Soliders known as the patriots stayed at a place called called valley forge. The army was in poor condition they had no shoes or clothes that were proper to keep them warm but the citizens of valley forge helped them and the Soliders got back on their feet.

George Washington leading his men off to battle

Historical information

The reason this book is historical is because it talks about how the soliders were in terrible condition and it also talks about stuff that could of happened back then like the Soliders moved int valley forge they stole the people's chickens and stuff like that.

George Washington

Why someone should read it.

The reason someone should read this book is because it talks about a girl who lives in a place called valley forge and the continental army comes and stays and gets nursed back to health so they can fight again. So if you like history then you should read this book.

The White House


Created with images by Scott A. Wright - "Washington Crossing the Delaware" • Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "The White House, Northside, Washington DC"

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