Root, Rise, Pollinate! is an experiment that aims to catalyze and nurture a transnational community of feminist human rights advancers, organizers and movement builders using embodied practice for social transformation.

At our core we are here to deepen and amplify the well-being, thriving, and life-giving power of feminist human rights advancers, social justice organizers and movement builders and their work for transformation around the globe.

Root, Rise, Polinate! Labs bring together feminist movement builders and human rights activists from across the globe. In these multi-day intensives we imagine and practice ways of being that are need to pivot from cultures of domination and violence towards cultures of healing, collective thriving, and spirit-rootedness.

Our Labs integrate creative, contemplative, movement-based and relational practices. Participants also identify and offer peer-led embodied practices drawn from their contexts that might help their formations to take a leap forward.

Labs explore:·

· Embodied discovery of self and collective awareness,

· Aligning our actions and strategies with our values and purpose,

· Cultivating liberating relationships and collaborations, and

· Generating stories of thriving that advance our visions and a worldview shift.

Root, Rise, Pollinate! Applied Experiments support feminist human rights organizations to build internal capacity among your staff and across your networks through embodied practice. We use coaching, facilitation, training and storytelling to help your team deepen personal and collective awareness, align actions and strategy with values and purpose, navigate and resolve conflict, cultivate liberating relationships, and generate stories of thriving that advance your visions and world view. Contact us if you are interested in working with us.


June 1-5, 2020 we will hold a Root, Rise, Pollinate! Lab in the wilds of upstate New York. Contact us for more information and if you are interested in applying.

We offer ongoing consulting and collaboration through our Applied Experiments. Contact us for more information.


Root, Rise, Pollinate! is co-led by Shawna Wakefield and Kristen Zimmerman with Rufaro Gwarada. Shawna has 25 years of experience advancing gender, racial and economic justice internationally and accompanies leaders and their organizations in feminist leadership and building organizational cultures of care, justice, equity and inclusion. She is a practitioner of Buddhism, trauma-informed yoga and somatics, with training in respectful confrontation. Kristen is an artist-storyteller, movement maker, strategist, and facilitator with 30 years’ experience integrating these practices into movement building, community and social transformation work. She is a practitioner of Zen Buddhism and Tai Ji, and has additional training in somatic, storytelling and nature-based practices. Rufaro is committed to gender justice, migrant rights, African-led solutions for Africans, and art and cultural expression as conduits for healing, liberation, and joy. She is the project lead for reset at Power California and co-founded ThriveAfrica.us and Wakanda Dream Lab. She writes fiction investigating gender, power, and familial dynamics inspired by her homeland, Zimbabwe. Rufaro is a Move to End Violence Movement Maker, a Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Citizenship Fellow, and Team Member of Root, Rise, Pollinate! We are partnering with others in the design and to expand our team as this work emerges.

CONTACT US: RootRisePollinate@gmail.com


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