Little House Friends Laura ingalls wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder born February 7, 1867, in Pepin Wisconsin. From 1882–1885 she was a teacher in South Dakota teaching a one room school at the age of 15. Laura then then married Almanzo Wilder in 1885. And In 1932, she published Little House in the Big Woods, the first of her "Little House" Book series.


Time and Setting: The story takes place from about 1869 to 1870 in Plum creek in a area near Walnut grove minnesota

Plot summary:Laura Ingalls and here from move from Pipen Wisconsin to Plum creek Kansas after there father loses his job working for the railroad now Laura must meet new friends at new school in there new home.


Laura and Lena are two young cousins with blonde hair and blue eyes lena is older and more outgoing while laura is younger and shy

Little House Friends summary: two girls who learn to deal with moving and making new friends.

Primary conflict:Laura and Lena must learn to make new friends after moving from there country home to a more modern town they are forced to meet new people and stay out of boredom where they are faced with rude kids and try to get new things like them so the girls learn its better to all get together have fun instead of conflicting

"It had been a long journey from their little house in Plum creek minnesota" pg 3 This scene is important where as it starts the girls trip and creates setting.

"The days grew warmer,and soon the school year ended". pg28 this is important as it is the climax of the story most of the action does not begin until winter begins.

Overall thought of the book: The story does not have much meaning and the girls do not mostly face actual problems, the story lacks importance and interesting points

Homesteader:Owners of home usually near farmland Trotting:galloping Buggy:Horse drawn carriage Screeched:To yell Unhitched:unhook the horses from their carriage Jolt:Shaking


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