Racoons the amazing life of racoons

Raccoons are nocturnal (active at night) mammals that live throughout much of the world. During winter in cold climates they sleep for a long time but do not hibernate. To prepare for winter they add extra body fat in the fall, which gives them energy for when its to cold to find food.
On land raccoons walk around on all four paws. They are excellent swimmers who hunt for fish, frogs, and crayfish. Their favorite foods on land are fruit, seeds, nuts, birds' eggs and plants.
In cities raccoons scavenge around garbage cans and will eat scraps and trash. Raccoons live to about three years old in the wild. Raccoons can live for many years when they don't worry about finding food or hiding from predators.
Raccoon's hands look exactly like human hands They have five fingers, including a thumb. They use their hands to collect food and open things like lids to garbage cans.
Raccoons are very smart. They often wash their food in water before they eat it.

Raccoons like to live in wooded areas with trees and water. They make their dens in hollow parts of trees. They are omnivores who eat almost anything they can find. If people feed them, they will come close for the food and eat almost anything. Even Doritos.

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