Fidget spinner By: GreG, Mitchell, & Nate

Problem Statement

Who? Michael Elison

What? The student cant focus in the classroom. This is affecting his grades and his overall performance in school. When we fix this issue his grades will improve.

Where? In the classroom, when the student is testing or taking notes

When? Every day in his life

Why? This is to be a temporary solution for medication. In the USA people are very fast to go to medication as a solution. Our goal is for the fidget spinner to be a temporary soothe for the urge to fidet in school.

Over 11% of 11-17 year olds have been diagnosed with ADHD. Some students in Garnet Valley, more specifically Michael Ellison, have been diagnosed with the condition of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Our goal is to help students at Garnet Valley who have trouble paying attention in class. In order to help these students focus in class researchers are designing a fidget spinner device. This device is meant to relax and satisfy brain activity to help the child focus on school work and other activities. This fidget spinner is also meant to be a substitute for any ADHD medication, instead of the student taking a certain of medication he can possibly lower the dosage and use the fidget spinner to satisfy his needs for the rest. Another problem with medication is selling it, if the student doesn't feel the need for the medication he can sell it to others. The goal is for the fidget spinner to be a temporary soothe for the urge to fidget in school.


Our groups rough sketches


This is our groups coggle where we researched things like Drug Companies, types of fidget spinners, ADHD, and types of bearings.

In 2012 Gilead Sciences ,made just about $9.61B. In 2016 they made just about $30.32B. In 2012 Johnson and Johnson made $67.28B. In 2016 they made $71.94B. In 2012 Pfizer made just about $52.38B. In 2016 they made just about 54.76B.


My personal spinner that is defined.


Before we printed our whole spinner we printed the hole sizes to make sure we had the right sizes for the coins.

This is the printer that we printed our fidget spinner on.
My personal spinner on onshape.


To test the spinner we put the spinner on a skateboard truck that was on a board. We secured the spinner with a nut on the end. We lifted the arm until the arm was all the way up and then dropped it onto our spinner. We started the time when the arm hit the spinner and when it stopped spinning.

(This spin represents a 1 minute spin it isn't actually 5 seconds)


Is there a relationship between the weight and the time?

Yes weight is important to a spinner. Not having enough weight can cause your spinner to go really fast but then it's slows down just as fast. Since there is no weight there isn't anything pulling the spinner around. Having too much weight will make it very hard to get the spinner going at a good speed. Another big thing with weight is where you put it. You want your weight as far from the middle as possible (so it can fit in your hand), doing this will maximize your centrifugal force. Having your weight in the middle will have none and your spinner won't spin as long.

Is there a correlation between the number of spokes and time?

Yes and no. Adding more spokes off of the spinner can be beneficial. If you add weight that helps it spin longer and faster then it is good. You want your spinner to be heavy. But then you can add dead weight. Dead weight is weight that does nothing but hurt the spinner. Dead weight is like adding weight in the middle or adding too much weight.

Is there a correlation between the height of the trial and the time?

Yes. The higher height of the trail means the harder the arm will come down. If the arm comes down harder than the spinner will go faster. The lower the arm the less force it will come down with, causing the spinner to not spin as long.

Personal Spinners

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