Jim Crow Aidan Kirby

In preventing blacks from voting through various legal methods, blacks were unable to have a say in the society and, therefore could still be discriminated.

Methods included Grandfather Clauses, Poll taxes and literacy tests

Grandfather Clauses

Grandfather Clauses were enacted in several states and did not allow any person who's Grandfather had not voted to vote

The majority of grandfather clauses were created right after the fourteenth amendment was made; all blacks could not vote before the fourteenth amendment which meant that all blacks were excluded from voting with this law

Poll Taxes

Poll taxes were a tax on every person who wanted to vote; since African Americans had just came out of slavery most of them were poor.

Literacy tests

Literacy test's were yet another way for whites to maneuver the fifteenth amendment

Article 197] Sec. 3. He [the elector] shall be able to read and write, and shall demonstrate his ability to do so when he applies for registration, by making, under oath administered by the registration officer or his deputy, written application therefor, in the English language, or his mother tongue, which application shall contain the essential facts necessary to show that he is entitled to register and vote, and shall be entirely written, dated and signed by him, in the presence of the registration officer or his deputy, without assistance or suggestion from any person or any memorandum whatever, except the form of application. . . .

Sec. 4. If he be not able to read and write, as provided by Section three . . . then he shall be entitled to register and vote if he shall, at the time he offers to register, be the bona fide owner of property assessed to him in this State at a valuation of not less than three hundred dollars . . . and on which, if such property be personal only, all taxes due shall have been paid. . . .

When voting, an individual expresses what he believes and his values. When the fifteenth amendment was passed it allowed blacks to vote for a candidate that would treat them with respect and make laws allowing the minorities to become equal to whites. Whites still had the power that blacks did not have which allowed them to create these loopholes. The urge towards not letting blacks vote really made it hard and somtimes, imposible for them to vote for a candidate that could help them.

During the Jim Crow era, whites created a economic system called sharecropping, in which blacks were dependent on whites; this cycle made it hard for blacks to be economically free and led to the Jim Crow regulations.

Many slaves that had been freed were forced to be a sharecropper which essentially is a worker who rents his or her equipment from a person with more resources. The majority of these situations occurred when former slave owners had extra supplies and rented the supplies out to the former slaves. When the profit was high for the sharecropper the rent for the equipment became more expensive for the farmers. This cycle basically made the African Americans work for a very little amount of money if any at all and, allowed the previous slave owner to still use people to work for a small amount of money.

Taken in Missouri , the picture represents three black sharecroppers maintaining rented land. Blacks were unable to find jobs after slavery became illegal which meant that the only immediate solution was to rent land and tools from the same person who had earlier enslaved them.

sharecropping did not only take place in Missouri, In fact it was even more popular in the south east

Sharecropping was widely popular for a long period of time and by 1930 5.5 million people were sharecroppers

Henry Adams shares his experiences with the U.S. senate fifteen years after he was freed from slavery

Henry Adams was first told by his slave owner that he was free and after that he was told to stay on the plantation and make money there because he would be harassed if he went anywhere else. His fellow workers all signed the contract to give the owner one fifth of their food and profits however, Henry was unwilling however, his boss manipulated him by telling him that Henry is dependent on his safety. Adams recalls, "He said, stay where we are living and we could get protection from our old masters." The boss never really treated the sharecroppers like they were of importance to him however, he uses the violence to his advantage and makes the African Americans dependent on him. In another situation, Adams recalls a moment in which he feels as if he is getting scammed saying, "We made two or three hundred gallons of molasses and only got what we could eat. We made about eight-hundred bushel of potatoes; we got a few to eat. We split rails three or four weeks and got not a cent for that". Henry Adams describes the injustice in a way which makes it possible for us to see that the black minority were shunned in the economics of American society

Portraying African Americans as lazy and stupid helped the established whites feel power and poor whites to feel power

The movie Birth of a Nation was a Jim Crow era propaganda movie showing why Blacks rights after the civil war were bad and why Jim Crow was needed for everyone's good inn the south. The movie was very popular. In one scene of this movie it shows African Americans in the senate drinking achole and eating fried chicken. Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States was affluent and powerful and wanted to keep his power. He endorsed this disgusting and racist movie because he did not want blacks to think that they had any type of power in politics, economics and in daily life.

Although this is a little bit before the Jim Crow era it shows a picture of a lazy black and advertises that African Americans are making whites work more. this makes no sense because the slaves worked more then anyone should be allowed to work.

The clip is a minstrel show. In these White me dress up like blacks and pretend to be stupid. The crowed laughs at the white man dressed up as black. It is hard to imagine what kind of person would laugh at his jokes.

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