The Twenties A look in to the return to normalcy

During the twenties, evolution was something that through the Scopes trials would be eliminated and therefore forbidden to teach the scientific theory of evolution. we see in the scopes trials activities that we did that it was more in favor that only the theory of creation be taught due to a biblical conservative standpoint. since most of the people did not want to stay from there morals and values of the old way.

the prohibition

during the prohibition alcohol sale and distribution was outlawed. this in a away, returned the country to conservative Christian values that were instilled at the start of the country itself. How ever during the prohibition crime rates increased and the over all distribution of alcohol still happened thanks to a lot of importation in the works of gangs and such related groups. but eventually the law was repealed and it returned to normalcy.

The Great migration

during this time farmers were beginning to see the earliest part of the great depression and in the mid west and on the planes the dust is beginning to get so bad that the farmers and their families are forced to migrate to other areas such as California the is returning to the original settlement and the transition of manifest destiny and the western frontier.

In conclusion I would like to take my full stand and say that the twenties were prosperous in their own way but at the same time it was more of a time that slowed down our country. In a way we went back to the roots of when this country started and there for we returned to a time of normalcy for better, or for worse.


Created with images by Archives New Zealand - "Wellington City - Lambton Quay in 1952" • City of Boston Archives - "Boys in classroom" • keith trice - "cheers!" • USDAgov - "NRCSDC01018"

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