Have you wanted your own personal Medicine Woman and Energy Healer? Essential Oil Guide and Expert?

Your probably thinking, Who doesn't?

I have combined my skills and expertise to offer you just this for 90 days. Lets uplevel YOU, Body, Mind and Soul.

"Its been too long that the plants have been outside our daily lives, invite them in."

What you get.

  • 3 Check-In wellness coaching calls (15-20 mins) to go over personalized protocols and Q&A.
  • 3 healing sessions (60 min. virtual or person).
  • A monthly box of doTERRA essential oils and wellness products.
  • A digital copy of my book : Plant Wisdom.
  • And my bonus freebies.

Why you want it.

This is how we make change. By integrating understanding, experience and lifestyle. This program is designed to address stagnant places and bring nourishing flow.

  • Feel clearer energy fields after each energy medicine session.
  • Experience quick access to emotional support for balanced emotions and positive mind set.
  • Feel and increase in personal powered to rise above everyday issues and chronic patterns.
  • Experience the dynamic work of Energy Medicine that addresses what is currently "stuck". Every session is unique.
  • Call on me, your personal essential oil guide, and integrate new ways of using them.
  • Recover vital life force and receive Reiki energies that nurture and nourish you!
  • This is my version of a spiritual spa day, you get 3!

When you work with me, we will create some real magic and tap into infinite possibilities!

"There is a place in our Universe that holds Infinite Possibilities. Our job is to imagine it, feel it and take inspired action."

Here is how it works :

Pick your budget :


- 3 coaching calls

- Personal protocols to your inbox

- 3 energy sessions

- My Spiritual First Aid kit pdf

- We will optimize your rewards program : free product and points to spend at the end!


- ALL the above!!!

- Plus a customized Chakra blend (10ml beautiful roller) of your choice, each month!

- My Oil Life Workbook, to continue after our 90 days together.

"Find Freedom, Become Unstoppable, Amplify Your Radiance."

Why me?

If you have not heard, I am highly intuitive when it comes to the plants. In fact they "speak" to me. They say... "I can help them". And so I listen and recommend powerful combinations to amplify your body, mind and spiritual healing.

You may not know that I have over 6 years of experience raising a family with doTERRA essential oils as well as over 3 years training in 21st century energy medicine and core shamanism. I have a life time of experience, results and trust in natural solutions being raised by an herbalist. I have personally created emotional balance in my life, using essential oils and energy medicine combined.

The oils amplify life and what ever intention you have for them. For me it has cultivated a greater connection with my spiritual practice as well and building greater trust in my own inner wisdom.

My intention is to show you how to use the plant kingdom to assist you daily. To help you be more in-tune to your purpose and power. To build a loving relationship with self that cultivates inner trust. To bring ways to pivot from routine to ritual. You will naturally access more freedom because you have the tools, as well as the support!

Amber Jane Arquette

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