Pencils and Papers How they met, and where they are now.

Before you dive into my writing process, all my papers, and many things that describe me as an author, I figured you might want to get the know the person behind all of this; me!
This is me! My name is Julianna and I am an English and education, double major. I plan on being a teacher when I graduate and hopefully change the way students write by enforcing peer review into their routines.
My writing process changed throughout this semester, mostly due to peer review. I feel that after this course, peer review was the most helpful thing in my making my papers more successful, and I plan on continuing that strategy throughout the rest of my time writing.
Rough Draft
Final Draft
Because I was able to have my peers review my work and vise versa, my paper changed drastically. In the rough draft, you can see there is little analysis and explanation, whereas in the final draft my paper is copious, having more analysis and reason.


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