Facts about Uranus

Uranus is a planet named after the Greek godz
Uranus is far from the sun it takes it 83 years to to go around the sun ☀️
Uranus iscold because it is so far way from the sun that it is ice
It would take a space ship 9 and a half years to fly to Uranus because it is 1.6 billon miles from earth
It would take 14 and a half earth to make 1 Uranus and that would take a lot of earths
Uranus is tipped at its side at a 98 degree angle and it rolls around the sun ☀️
Uranus has 13 rings Uranus teputure is -216 degrees Fahrenheit "
Uranus was discovered by sir William Herschel on march 13th 1781
1 of Uranus moons is Titania and it is 1 of the largest moons that Uranus has
Uranus has two very dark color rings that r very hard to see

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