Jan Brueghel The Elder

Birth: 1568 Death: 1625 Born and died in belgium

Brueghel was trained by his grandmother

He traveled widely throughout Europe. He took a three-year trip to Italy. Later he went to Naples, Antwerp, and Rome.

He was an important member of the artistic community, serving as its dean in 1602. He married Isabella de Jode and had two children, Jan Brueghel the Younger and a daughter, Paschasia His wife died shortly after Paschasia's birth, leaving Brueghel a widower with two small children. Brueghel later married Katharina van Marienburg, and had eight children.

He created paintings such as: Allegory of sight, Madonna and Child with Angels in a Garland of Flowers, and A Woodland Road with Travelers

His patroms included: Cardinal Ascanio Colonna, Cardinal Federigo Borromeo

Flowers in a Blue Vase

This piece was created in 1608

It is located in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, in Vienna, Austria

I like this piece because everything is so realistic. It looks like a picture was taken in that moment. I like how detailed the flowers are, you can see how intricate the painting is. If you look really closely you can see the tiniest little flowers. All of the little things that he painted really add up and enhance the painting. I feel like I could look at this painting for hours, every time I see it I notice a new flower.

This piece shows naturalism. The style is based on the accurate depiction of detail. The work looks like a photograph.

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