Why are we the Best Business Opportunity in North America? the answer is quite simple. Our Products and Services are geared toward every demographic of people in society, such as Individuals, Couples, Single Mothers, Single Fathers, and Families, as well as Businesses Owners, Benefits Brokers, Licensed Insurance Agents, Entrepreneurs, Commission Sellers, and HR Professionals...and not only can all of these categories of people become members, they can also enroll to become Home Business Owners for themselves.

Unlike most companies in the Direct Selling or Network Marketing Industry, we have something for everyone. For example: If you're part of a cosmetic company, your demographic is mostly geared towards women who want to pay for higher end products. If you are part of a weight loss company, your demographic is mostly geared toward people who want to lose weight. Unfortunately, such companies as these have saturated not only the North American Market but the whole world...Thus leaving their representatives with high competition in the marketplace. As for Legal Protection Services company called LegalShield and our Identity Theft Protection/Identity Restoration company called IDShield, we have absolutely no competition in the North America marketplace. In fact, our company is growing from 1.5 million members across Canada and the United States to over 14 million by the year 2020!!! This only adds up to a huge Business and Financial Opportunity for you as an Independent Associate.

At no fault of your own, simply because you were never approached or asked to participate in Disruptive Innovations, think about the opportunity you missed when a company like Netflix began, which is the biggest movie provider on the planet but doesn't make any movies or owns any, or what about a company like Uber that is the biggest taxi company in the world but doesn't own one cab, and let's not forget about Instagram, which is the biggest photo sharing company, but owns no photos. The list of Disruptive Innovative companies could go on and on, but what is more important is that LegalShield has the opportunity for you that you don't have to miss and can capitalize on. We are the largest Legal Services Provider in North America, yet we don't own any Law Firm...and we don't need to because our Dedicated Network of Lawyers and Provider Law Firms are there to service our happy members for us. Another key point is that our Unlimited Legal Protection Services and Identity Theft Protection Services are marked way down in price to the consumer, but the services included in our membership would cost the average North American Citizen hundreds if not thousands of dollars to utilize just one of many of the services that are included in our membership. With LegalShield, what a member pays for one year of Legal Coverage is what most people pay to use only one hour of a Lawyer's time for only one Legal Issue.

The old saying "Equal Justice Under Law" should have actually read "Equal Justice Under Law for those who can afford it" which is only the top 5 to 10% of North American citizens. Now LegalShield has flipped the Legal Services Industry on its head by leveling the Legal Playing Field so that everyone can afford the best Legal Services from top Lawyers and Firms...and it's not based on color, creed, religious belief, sexual orientation, birth origin, social class or status, or age for that matter.

Now let's take a look at some important reason on why you want to become part of our amazing company.

You Can Take Part In Disruptive Innovation And The Opportunity You're Looking For

  • Every Independent Associate started for uniquely personal reasons. Many enroll for the chance to enhance their lives, while others have always dreamed of working for themselves. The LegalShield Business Opportunity provides this to you. Work your Home Business Spare-Time or Part-Time and make as much or as little as you'd like to, with no quotas of penalties.

You Can Offer Powerful Products and Services With Over 40 Years Of Proven Success

  • Affordable Legal Protection for everyone. A simple, smart idea that anyone can get behind. People believe in our products and services. All of our Online Technology, Tools, and Training make it easier to share the information to every demographic of people in society. You’re not selling Legal Protection but you’re sharing information that helps people from across North America to finally have the peace of mind they deserve. That’s how we make a lucrative living; by helping real people and making a significant difference in society. It couldn’t be easier for you to change a life in a positive way. As soon as you enroll a new member, they’re protected, and you’ll get paid the very next day. There’s no pre-paying and no waiting around for a check. The best part is that there’s absolutely no physical product, so you’ll never have to store or lug around boxes of unsold items. Our Business Model is extremely simple, yet powerful, and just plain works!!!

You Can Bolster Your Network and Get The Support You Need to Grow Your Business

  • You'll always be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You’ll meet role models, mentors and fellow Independent Associates of all backgrounds who are there to support you on your path to success. Once you’re connected and plugged in, you’ll never be alone. We have a nationwide community of Independent Associates who support each other. From your very first day, we’ll connect you with the best Experienced Local Independent Associates, Leaders, Board Members, and Executives who will guide you with the best business advice and tips.

You Can Earn Rewards and Bonuses That are More Than The Money You’ll Earn

  • Make some Extra Income and Earn Rewards such as Level Up Cash Bonuses, Ongoing Monthly Cash Bonuses, All Expenses Paid Vacations for you and guests of your choice, and much more. At LegalShield, you make what you’re driven to earn. Want some extra income? Go for it. Want to take charge of your future? You can make it happen. There’s no pressure and no quotas, only unlimited potential. Work hard at working smarter and your earnings can increase exponentially for life. Become a top Independent Associate and not only will you get the recognition you deserve, and you’ll earn the chance to Win Exclusive Trips and Cash Bonuses. Check out the LegalShield Performance Club!!!

You Can Develop New Skills and a New You

  • We provide all your Materials and Training. We also offer Exclusive Ongoing Education, so you’ll always have room to grow personally and professionally. Become truly smarter about business from day one. We start you off with Extensive Educational Materials that teach you to share information effectively and run your own Home Business. And that’s just the beginning. You can also attend local meet-ups in your area and regional events for presentations and lessons from the very best. We also offer Exclusive Courses from Franklin Covey, an Expert Training Company that works with some of the most profitable businesses in North America. You’ll learn from the best there is!!!

You Can Keep Your Independence and Work For Yourself

  • Put in as little or as much time as you want to in you Home Business. You’re in charge, so you can work around your life and the important people in it. It's up to you how you run your Business. It's all up to you to create your own business and go after your dreams.

You Can Make Extra Income In One or All Areas

  • Your Personal Enrollments. You'll make a percentage of each and every membership you personally enroll to Individuals, Couples, Single Mothers, Single Fathers, Families, Employees, and Businesses Owners. Expose more information about our company and its services, you'll enroll more happy members, and you'll automatically move up in our Compensation Plan. The higher you rank, the higher your Compensation Percentage is!!!
  • Your Team Building. When members you've signed up also enroll to become Independent Associates, you earn a Bonuses and Overrides for every membership that your Team of Independent Associates has enrolled. As you move up, your Bonuses and Overrides get even much bigger!!!
  • Your Residual True Income. After the twelfth month that your members have their membership, you'll get all ongoing Residual Commissions each and every month that their membership remains active. You'll also get the same ongoing Override Residual Commissions from all active memberships that your Team of Independent Associates has enrolled also...month after month, year after year for the rest of your life. Your book of business can also be Willed to your children for two generations, which leaves a Lucrative Financial Legacy for your family!!!
  • Your Performance Points System. Earn Performance Points for enrolling new members and enrolling New Independent Associates. Earn just 5 points each month, and you'll start earning Recognition, Cash Bonuses and All Expenses Paid Vacations every year on top of all the Personal Enrollments, Team Overrides, and Residuals you're already earning, and much more!!!

Millions of North Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and looking for a way to earn more. Because every North American needs our services and because we are positioned for massive growth, thousands of people just like you across Canada and the United States have made the intelligent decision to Tap Into The New Economy and Get Paid Daily in Canada or the United States with our amazing company!!! So why not you?

If you are interested in positioning yourself in front of massive growth, please Leave Your Message or Call 519-872-6875 for more free information about our Business Opportunity and our services that are designed to protect the Legal Rights of you, your family, and all North American citizens.

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Patrice Samuel Robinson

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