Young Explorers Elementary Middle School Find your own direction

Community at our school

Our teachers are aware that each student learns differently and try to focus our efforts on how to provide the best education by noticing the whole student not just specific parts.
We plan to "build bridges" to teach students though inquiry based learning which will allow them to learn in a way that makes sense to them (Ayers, 2010).
Nieto quotes the United Nations by saying that discrimination is "any conduct based on a distinction made on grounds of natural or social categories, which have no relation either to individual capacities or merits, or to the concrete behavior of the individual person"(Nieto,n.d.) however she disagrees with this definition because it fails to describe the consequences of this behavior. As a school community we realizes that discrimination includes and is not limited to sex, race, socioeconomic status, age, etc. In order to try and remedy this behavior our school plans to have a mixed advisory, frequent visits to senior citizens homes, and service at soup kitchens.
Our advisories are mixed for grades 5-8 and the groups stay the same for those three years. This allows students to grow close to students that are not exactly in their grade and it allows for students to mentor each other throughout the years they stay together.
Community does not just include the school it also includes the surrounding area. We plan to encourage students to take part in service by volunteering in soup kitchens and we will have field trips to senior citizens homes.
As young explorers we realize that we might not always know where we can find the answers to our questions and as a community we realize that there will be mistakes. However, we have created a map that will help our explorers find the support they need depending on the situation.
We realize that as a community we need everyone to participate in order to create a positive community that benefits everyone.


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