Self Exhibit Fitness and NUTRITION plan

1. For this self designed exhibit I will monitor my diet and exercise to see what affect the two have on my academics. I have always heard how important diet and exercise are. I want to test and see if I improve my diet and exercise habits will it have a positive affect on my studying and my overall grades. To do this I will track my already existing diet and exercise habits then I will implement new ones. I will keep track of the food I eat, how much I exercise, how much I study and the grades I make. I will not keep up with my diet on the weekend and will consider those my cheat days.

2. Hypothesis: The better I eat and the more exercise I preform the more I will study and the better my grades will be.

3. I recognized my diet was very unhealthy and irregular. It was mostly fast food and included very little nutrients. My exercise program was did not exist. After tracking this I am going to try to make my diet more nutritious and regular. I am also going to implement a exercise regime. Although my grades were fine I find myself lacking energy and motivation to study and go to class. I will see how my new routine affects this.

4. While implementing this plan I felt like I had a lot more energy. I had more of a desire to study and pay attention in class. I ate at regular times and included all home cooked meals. I also implemented physical activity for four days a week. Overall I just felt better and had more energy throughout the day.

5. Evaluation: I think implementing my new plan helped my study time and grades as the averages show. Thus, proving my hypothesis. I will continue to work some sort of exercise and diet plan into my every day life. It gave me more energy and ultimately left me feeling better. The running for exercise really made me feel better through out the day. It has always been my favorite form of exercise for the simple fact is you don't need any equipment. It also gives you a good workout in a small amount of time. I could tell a difference in how much more attentive I was in class and studying after running. I also feel the running relived a lot of stress from school. I would be stressed a lot of times before my run but after I would feel great. I did some research on this and found out this is because running releases a pleasure hormone called endorphin.


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