Personalized Rubrics Establishing accountability and responsibility by working together - really

Group projects in the past have been critiqued by students for the unfair workloads on diligent students while other students slack off and do little work, if any at all.
However, if teachers would assign individual students a different responsibility for the project at random on the day of the presentation, student workload would be far more equalized.

With unknown responsibility on the day of the presentation, each student needs to invest individual energy into all areas of the project in order that they may present what they are given responsibility for to the best of their ability.

While this system of group work is perhaps more individualized than most group projects, there is still a great necessity for communication between groups.

One could say it is an even greater necessity than that of average group projects,

as each individual of the group must be equally familiar with each section of the project in order to be prepared to present any such section.

On the day of the presentation, with responsibilities assigned, students should be able to convey their section of the project with confidence and clarity.

This system of group work can result in less stress, more productivity, and even more enjoyment in the work process as work would be equally shared, and students would learn how to work with each other effectively.


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