Van Gogh By Neizan ALdeGuer

Vincent Van Gogh ,lived more than 120 years ago, however, his artwork is still one of the most famous art known in the world. Van gogh was one of first if not the first, abstract artists to be known, he used very little elements to express his feelings and sensations. He also influenced a lot of other painters becasue he used a special/ new type of stroke that wasnt known, by doing that he opened the idea of expressing your feelings using different types of strokes.
Theodorus Van Gogh-This man was Van Gogh´s little brother who worked at the dealing of art works including the ones he did.
Anna Carbentus Van Gogh. Vincent's mom really showed her love to the family, she always supported Vincent. She really enjoyed the nature as she thought that if you had a garden with loads of grass and flowers, it was a sign of a healty life.
Theodore Van Gogh. His father, he had a tense relationship with him because he was the owner of the Ducht reformed church.
His technique was unique he introduced the flow of strokes to the art world. Van Gogh knew it was necessary to master black and white before starting to paint with color. He only started adding color to his drawing after he was satisied with the end result. Drawing allowed Van Gogh to complete his work with light and images he drew with color pencils than with paint. His main techniques were: Studying the paint surface with the eye, infrared refloctography,microscope,optical microscpopy...


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