Writing a Short Story

Conventions of a Short Story:

Key Elements of the Short Story: Setting, Plot, Characters, Central Conflict and Theme.

The Dramatic Arc:


All short stories are intended to be read in one sitting, hence: SHORT story. In order to achieve this keep this story concise - unlike novels which can explore subplots, short stories need to focus on the main point.

Literary Techniques:

Suspense, foreshadowing, flashbacks, crucial dramatic conflict, repetition of themes. Devise an intriguing scenario. Plan what publications you will submit your final story to. Find the story’s focus before you start. Outline character and setting details. Choose a point of view for the story. Write the story as a one-page synopsis. Write a strong first paragraph. Write a satisfying climax and conclusion. Rewrite for clarity, concision and structure.

Short stories usually leave a single impactful impression built around specific concepts and characters because of its short and concise nature.Writers try to achieve the intended dramatic effect by employing a diverse range of literary techniques.


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