The Banker By: Stuart Nicholas

In my vault at the bank, there is this weird smell that bothered me every time I went there. I asked the janitor to clean it tonight and he said to give him my name and vault number. “My name is Derek, and my number is #3”.

“My name is Derek, and my number is #3”.The next day, I came back to the bank and saw the janitor. I asked him if he had cleaned up my vault, but all he did was stare at me with a face of pure terror. As he walked away, I could just make out him mumbling “The Bags”.

I thought he just meant the money bags that I put in my vault to save space. I checked my vault but it still smelled horrible. Angry at the janitor, I made a mental note to confront him the next day. But when I went to the bank the next day, he wasn’t there. That night, I was looking at the weather channel when it was interrupted by breaking news. It said that the town mayor’s brother was sent away to a mental hospital for unknown reasons. I was shocked to see, in a padded room, the janitor who cleaned my vault. He was laughing like a madman screaming out the words “THE BAGS, DON’T LOOK IN THE BAGS”! Even though I was still a bit mad, I have to say I felt bad for him. Then I remembered what he said to me the day before. I knew it had something to do with my vault.

I snuck into the bank that night and got into my vault. It still smelled as bad as ever. I looked for 5 minutes and everything seemed normal, until I saw three bags hidden behind some boxes in the corner of the room. They were see-through bags which was weird, but I couldn’t see what was in them because the bags were blurred by something red inside of them.

When I opened the bags, the smell got 10 times worse. Through tears, I looked inside the bags … I nearly vomited at what I saw inside. It was three mutilated bodies.

Just then, I heard someone behind me who whispered in my ear, “Time to make a deposit”.

One week later “Hello sir, I’ve noticed a very bad smell in my vault. Any chance you can clean it tonight?” “Fine, what's your name and vault number” “My name is James and my vault number is #4.

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