BUSI 331 Group 1 VLAS Case

Richard Ansell, Hung Do, Kristina Kroemer, Jacob Munden, Marianna Schroth, Sara Thomson

The Virginia Legal Aid Society, VLAS, in operation since 1977, offers free legal services to low income individuals in Central Virginia. Their mission is to reduce poverty and promote equality.

Research Questions

  • Is the current survey gathering necessary information?
  • Is the budget meeting the proper needs of clientele?

Data Analysis

Overall, the top three highest categories were health, insurance, and private/public benefits.

Major Findings

Hypothesis Testing

Of the twelve independent samples t-tests run, only two yielded significant results.

  • Independent Samples Test 10: Single Parent Household & Benefits: Reject H0 because t(75) = 2.178, p = 0.033. There is a significant difference between the instance of a single parent household and the number of problems with benefits.
  • Independent Samples Test 12: Single Parent Household & Insurance: Reject H0 because t(100) = 2.931, p = 0.004. There is a significant difference between the instance of a single parent household and the number of problems with insurance.



Sum of Healthcare Problems by Family Income and Location


The Virginia Legal Aid society has faithfully served its constituents, but did not know how effectively it was doing it’s job. Our findings identified the areas where VLAS could be most effective, and what areas needed more funding. By answering our research questions through analysis of recorded data, we were able to create recommendations for better budget allocations and allowed for better insights into the population that they serve.


We recommend that the Virginia Legal Aid Society focus their resources most heavily on health, insurance, and private/public benefits. The budget should be allocated as follows: 20% for Health, 6% for Housing, 3% for Services, 1% for Immigrant Discrimination, 1% for Advanced Directives, 10% for Employment, 6% for Rentals, 8% for Marriage and Divorce, 12% for Abuse, 5% for Schooling, 13% for Benefits, and 15% for Insurance.


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