After Leaving the Harn By: SOfia Gutierrez

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

This photograph shows three girls living in poverty holding hands. Seeing this image in person, helped me fully understand the impact poverty has. It made me appreciate the family and life I have now. If you looked closely in the image, these young girls are serious and look like they have had no time to appreciate their childhood. The black and white photo that the artist chose to keep it ass makes a prologue effect of the unfortunate life these girls are living.

Design of the Museum

I found the pottery exhibit very interesting because unlike the other galleries, this has wood flooring and the pottery and Asian culture art was placed very well. In addition, the lighting made the pieces stand out more. I observed architecture students drawing out this side of the exhibit and found it interesting how a Museum brought in so many different kind of students for different purposes. The space was very open and easy to walk around and it made me feel like I was in another country observing fancy pieces of art.

Art and Core Values

This image of Frida Kahlo makes me feel empowered. She was a strong woman and an amazing artist during her time. She endured a lot during her lifetime, but this image reminds me of how even though I may be a minority and may sometimes face obstacles, I can always overcome them.

Art and the Good Life

This sculpture of a Buddha, relates to the Good Life not only because it reminded me of SIddhartha, but because of the essence of peace it portrays. The Good Life is depicted because the sculpture is in the state of meditation and in my life, I would one day like to be happy and satisfied and what I have accomplished, pursuing a sense of peace and happiness. It reminded me to take a few minutes of my day, and reflect on myself on how I can be better as a person and in life.


Created with images by kuratowa_1 - "Zen respite. Harn Museum micro-tour. #confabedu"

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