Honduras Tegucigalpa

Honduran Cultural Clothing

Hondurans usually wear secondhand clothing for typical wear. When it comes to a job, this determines some of the clothing they wear. For example, a Campesino, or Spanish Farmer, wears white, canvas like cloth. In Honduras, it is normal to see people in business wear. For cultural clothing, they wear white, loose cloth with colorful edges.

Honduran Climate

Honduran climate is tropical all around the country, although in certain parts, it gets a little colder in the winter.

The Honduran Flag

The blue on this flag represents loyalty. The white represents peace. The reason why there are five stars is that this country used to be part of a republic. It hopes that they will become one again.


A Honduran food is a Baleada. It is a heated tortilla with refried beans and several other ingredients in the middle. Olla is a soup with a bundle of ingredients put into it.

Honduran Population

8,249,574 people is the 2010 estimate, according to wikipedia.

A Honduran Iempira

The honduran currency is the honduran Iempira. One is worth about 0.043 US Dollars. The exonomy over all isn't doing very great. It has one of rhe rop crime rates in the world.

Juan Orlando Hernandez, president of Honduras

Honduras has a Presidential Representative Democratic Republic, when it comes to government. This form of gevernment is, in a way, similar to our form of government. It consists of the Executive Branch, a Legislative Branch, and Administrative Divisions. They also have a president

Mayan Euins in Honduras

Honduras used to be Mayan Civilization. During 1502, Columbus arrived on his dourth trip to "the new world." Years later, Honduras declared its independance from Spain in 1821. Since then, Honduras has had several presidents, coming to present day, where we have Juan Hernandez to lead Honduras.

A Evangelical missionary ministering to a deaf community

Honduras's main language is Spanish. Honduras also has a type of sign language like we do.

A church in Honduras

The main religion in Honduras is Roman Catholic (48.7%). The other religions are Protestants (41%), None/Atheist/Agnostic (8%), and Others (3%).

All the above information was found using USA Today, World Travel Guide, Wikipedia, and the XE Converter for currency.


The information was found using USA Today, World Travel Guide, Wikipedia, and XE Converter for money conversions.

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