In order to be human you need life, feelings and senses

Everyone is individual our experiences, our feelings and the way we engage with the world and information is a constantly evolving process. Space is important to us and this feeling of ownership and control we can place over our environment aides us in our own unique methods of learning and engagement.

It was Imperative to our team that a sense of ownership and contribution is at the focal point of the end product which is why a focus away from technology and the digital as a starting point was utilised with each participant highlighting what is important to themselves.

The journey is as important as the destination

One thing that became quite apparent was this concept of a Narrative Approach a Journey through different stimuli of life on earth as each persons reflective contemplation space is different and if a user can feel comfortable in the space they create they can better engage and retain information if required.

The goal is appeal to both the conscious and sub-conscious levels of emotion and trigger various stimuli to evoke desired responses. There is no one right solution nor is there a perfect space and many of us may believe we know what is the most productive or contemplative spaces without really experiencing others or truly feeling 100% in control. The word control is often looked in a negative light however in the context of this project it became apparent that often as human beings we like an element of control or rather impact on the world around us. Do we need noise to think or prefer silence to meditate, we are all unique and the idea behind this concept is to make something that can be tailored and is bespoke for each user.

AVR - An Augmented Virtual Reality Experience

In order to replicate the physical experiences and create truly bespoke spaces a pop-up installation or package of tools would be required to achieve a true 100% engaging space to suit everyone that can be changed. However using digital technology we can replicate and emulate these spaces and feelings at least in part using more accessible technologies.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality combined to create an experience that can be both portable, adaptable and changing using what is known as Augmented Virtuality. AVR will take users through a journey where they are taken through various digital spaces from remote digital jungles to calm lakes and more where the user can simply be looking at aspects of each world they like build up their own 'world space' using GAZE technology. These user generated worlds can be shared and built upon over time to adapt and envelop aspects users like and over time build a repository of worlds and environments in which to visit and then take in information at a pace set by them.

Users look at elements they want in their space

EVERY aspect of AVR is bespoke and can be controlled by the end user from where and when information is shown to them to what goes into their own 'World Space'. These spaces could be shared with others to show each other there dream contemplation spaces and thus provide valuable data. The amazing aspect of AVR is the fact the user IS creating the spaces, although initially the personal space will be created from bits and bobs chosen from 'premade' spaces they could in theory add more spaces, objects and such as time goes on via a dedicated platform.

The experience as a whole SHOULD emphasise as many sensory inputs as possible such as Audio via multiple channels of discrete audio played back via an omnidirectional device such as a headset. Physical interaction is possible with objects via phone front camera tracking and is a potential future feature.

Users will enter these 'worlds' via their mobile device or HMD and treat these spaces as a gateway / window. The advantage of AVR over a purely Virtual Reality is the user can at all points re-enter the real world and still see digital overlays in there own real world space if they so wish.

AVR is about contemplation and user experience first.

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