starting to play tennis story by the one and only rory gordon

this is the story about my struggles of playing tennis the first time EVER

the main reason why i started to play tennis was because that when we bought my house it had a tennis court and my parents really wanted to use it so they convinced me to play tennis.

when i first tried i flopped , flipped , flibbled and flabbed. Then because i failed i got so upset that i attempted to snap my racket in half but i couldn't snap it because i was only six.

my parents knew that i wasn't going to be a awesome tennis player with out training so my parents hired a private tennis coach to come once every tw0 weeks.

once my tennis coach came he tried to teach me and my sister the basics of tennis but of course me and my sister were only six so we failed but we didn't give up and so we tried harder.

after i tried so hard i got slightly better but i still wasn't that good and because of that i hated tennis and i never wanted to play it ever

even though i didn't want to play i still had to do it every second week but i tried even harder and got a lot better and this time i started to enjoy playing tennis

i played and played and got better and better and enjoyed it more and enjoyed it even more.

now after all that practice im really good and i could easily beat my mum. i really enjoy it and im always in the mood to play tennis.

and this story proves that if you practice something and try really hard anyone from anywhere at anytime can do anything even dogs cats hamsters and maybe even you!!

and if you practice tennis everyday and try as hard as you possibly can maybe just maybe you might be as good as this 5 year old kid.


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